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Dear Metin2 users as some have tried to get her account banned due to fraud again, it will now be cured consequences for these individuals.
I see why you are banned, so you need something not even try.
One can reasonably talk about a ban.

The consequences of a fraud trial are:
- Ban the forum
- Ban all chars

I hope it is done with it.
Sincerely, your team Revolution MT2

[The ingame support]

Rules for the game support: - Appropriate language
- If you have a GM or TGM anschreibt not "age-ey" or something similar but start with "hey" or "Hello"
- Do not use special characters, so the GMs understand it or TGMS
- Write in English or German
- If it takes longer or does not answer, please do not chat or in the PN around spam, it will usually be reasons that the GM does not write back
- With bans is not discussed, you have to accept it because it's your own fault

What can I do so I can get a quick answer?
- Your question should be clearly defined so that we can understand and respond more quickly
- Pure grab for problems with a detailed explanation in the Private Message
Sincerely, Sincerely, your team Revolution MT2


Metin2 History

For any very long time the Dragon God's breath has viewed within the kingdoms of Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno. But this fascinating realm of miracle is facing a terrifying threat: The impact from the M2 Gemstones hasn't only torn wounds in to the entire region, but has additionally triggered chaos and destruction through the land and it is occupants. War has damaged out between your kingdoms, wildlife have changed into raging monsters and also the dead have return to existence as bloodstream-thirsty animals. Fight the dark influence from the M2 Gemstones among the Dragon God's allies. Gather all of your strength and seize your weapons in order to save your kingdom from the future full of fear, suffering and destruction!

+ Server Rates
  • Server: ON
    Register: ON
    Log in ON

    EXP : 3000 x - YANG : 3000 x - DROP : 3000 x
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    1 dark 119
    2 deathlord 116
    3 suzuky 108
    4 djvis 105
    5 myky 105
    6 obledon 105
    7 spider 102
    8 bigfoot 102
    9 scsi 102
    10 ultraman 100
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